No code tools-Are they really helpful?

Priyanka Shah
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We're building a tool which can really be a game-changer as it can fully automate the mobile app development industry. It will save 80% of the total time invested in the development. Do you guys think it is a boon or bane for the IT industry? We want to make sure we are on the right track. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.


Priyanka Shah
If helpful, which are the best tools available in the market? Any links for reference?
Johann Blake
If you need to create an API without coding, try Wirespec -
Kritika Oberoi
Yes, for building MVPs I've found Glide super helpful (I have no tech background)
Priyanka Shah
@ko25 Hi Kritika! Glide app is not something I am talking about. I know a company which boasts of developing useful and reusable Flutter/Swift/Kotlin code from XD/Sketch/Figma designs that we submit which means 60% of the part of developing mobile app development is done within miniutes. I'll let you know when it is live. You can subscribe to their early access page on
Priyanka Shah
@ko25 It seems their website is still under construction. When I contacted them they said it will be up soon.
Priyanka Shah
@ko25 Hi Kritika, it is up now. You can check out the website - and register for early access.
Dean Kroker
Can you be more specific? To "fully automate the mobile app development industry" sound extremely ambitious; I can't even begin to fathom what such a product would entail. As for clickable prototypes and wireframes, our team prefers Figma.
Priyanka Shah
@deank Hi Dean, the website is up now. You can check out the website - and register for early access to the automated software development procode platform.