I was pondering the concept of an Uber model for Restaurants

Junior Owolabi
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instead of a leveraging established chefs and cooks, opting for the aspiring and enthusiasts An on demand service, for local aspiring chefs and cooks, to come to a person’s house and cook them a meal. The market cap in the food industry is in the trillions. The benefits to the cook is: - You are not limited to one type of cuisine, like most restaurants. - gain experience catering to multiple pallets. - learn to Leverage the food available. - make additional income. - gain advocates that attest to the quality of interaction and food. - augment their portfolio. - gain the interest of influencers in the food industry. The benefits to the users: - Have a great meal prepared for a low cost (unlike in restaurants), without getting up or leaving the comfort of their home - etc.


Abe Winter
I love the idea of a matching engine for meal + chef. There are a bunch of platforms for freelance chefs already, so make sure you have a clear differentiator, but the right UX here plus covid safety could be a lot of fun for users.
Sam Liebeskind
This is interesting @rilwan_owolabi1 . It'd be cool to have a meal cooked in my kitchen and served hot right when it's done (as opposed to it being delivered). If you're exploring this idea though, you should definitely talk to some chefs. I could see it being a potential issue with them showing up to someone's house/apt and their kitchen not having certain necessary tools. I wonder if some amount of 'prep' should take place outside the home and then the final touches / cooking might take place at the customer/diner's home?