How do you get people to try an app that you made?

Thomas Lane
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I created a multiplayer game that I personally think is great (of course I do). It's really accessible and totally free. However, in order to play it, you need to have a group of at least three people. I think that if I got people to play it, they would really enjoy it and would play it with their friends. What has worked for you in the past to get people to actually try an app that you made?


Thomas Lane
My game is Phrenemies! at in case you need to see it
Harri Arain
The hardest part of creation of product is to make people to use it.The best way would be to introduce offers, create free trials like we offer at Get paid marketing offers and all.
Brent Basham
First and foremost, I'd suggest really understanding who it's for. And if you think that's "everybody" you probably aren't niched down enough on your ideal customer avatar. From there, you can go where those people already are. Some good places to start are Facebook groups, Subreddits, and podcasts. We've had great luck reaching people who want what we've built that way. The first two are pretty easy though the group admins may make you jump trough some hoops to reach their audience. And podcast interviews are surprisingly powerful at reaching a niche audience. You can reach out to the ones you find on iTunes etc. or even tap into a platform like ours ( to connect. Bottom line - people don't care what you want them to do. They care about what they want. Identify who would want to use your platform and WHY they'd want to use it. It should be much easier to motivate them to participate that way.
Jimmy Cerone
I'm really intrigued by Indiehackers and Reddit at the moment as potential funnels. Anyone else have experience with those?