We look to move away from wordpress what platform do you use?

Lior Barak
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Nate Watkin
Transitioning to Hubspot
Asep Bagja Priandana
I'm using Hugo for some of my websites.
Allison Seboldt
I really like ghost for blogging. Everything else I use the static site generator Hugo for.
Catalin Ionescu
I use Jekyll for my personal blog and it works wonders
Jahziel McAllister
@graph_cms @jaymac @ronak_ganatra1 Thanks Ronak, we (Dola) have a write up coming that includes GraphCMS but applied to e-commerce! Happy to send it over before we release it. Also, here's our Ship page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Michael Lukaszczyk
@graph_cms @jaymac @ronak_ganatra1 Sure thing, send it over or just ship it and ping us for pushing it via our channels. Looking forward!
Ronak Ganatra
@graph_cms @jaymac @ronak_ganatra1 Of course, happy to look over it! Your preferred method - either use the onsite chat on graphcms.com or DM me on @gunnyganatra