Launched on Kickstarter! Any recommendations for boosting coverage?

Renata Hidajat
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Hi! I am an Aussie designer that launched my timber portable recliners on Kickstarter. I am getting a lot of emails from PR companies and Kickstarter specialists and to be honest, they all seem pretty dodgy. Has anyone had a good experience with any PR companies? Or could recommend anything for a boost? I am about to release a 1min quick summary video of the product on FB & IG with some paid advertisement. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


@sungaze_australia There are a ton of products here on PH that help you reach PRs in free/low cost ways. Have you thought about your customer personas? Who are the people most likely to invest in this? Once you define them - determine which online communities they participate in and find a meaningful way to share your project there. I think content marketing can be really powerful so I'd also consider that approach. What you want to avoid is making people feel like you are spamming them -by honing in your target audience and why this is important for them you could avoid that.
Renata Hidajat
Hi @abadesi! Thanks for your helpful response. Ok I will have a search for them in this group. Yes I have built my audiences and going to trial them on the FB. I couldn't agree more, it isn't about my product it is about the user.