Do you use LinkedIn to contact potential customers?

Rok Petek
4 replies
I am currently focusing on contacting potential customers via LinkedIn and just wanted to hear experiences on how effective it is.


Elen Udovichenko
We've had the best results with campaigns that include touch points across different channels, i.e. emails, LinkedIn, calls, or even SMS/Whatsapp messages (for inbound prospects). So you should definitely use LinkedIn, but also add several other channels in between your interactions there to create more meaningful, engagement experiences.
Khalid Belghiti
I do. But I mainly use Linkedin to genuinely build a network and start conversations. Then if the person happens to need what I'm selling, I switch to sales :)
Kritika Oberoi
One effective way to do this is to reach out for more of learning conversation - if the person you speak with likes what they see, they'll turn into a lead. If not, you learnt something about the types of customers in the market and why they're not interested. Add a note when you send an invite to a potential customer.