Is there a product out there for following apps on the App Store and receiving update alerts?

Bryan Alcorn
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I want to "follow" software and get notified of any new releases. There might be a piece of software I like, but it is just missing a couple of critical features for me to use it. I'd like to get notified of updates and get their release notes. Example - an update when Notion releases a new version. Maybe this app would also have a list of major app updates for that day so we can get a list of fancy features that were released today. It seems like it should be possible to get this data from the app store.


Rok Petek
Sounds like a good idea, I haven't found a similar solution. You could use App Store Connect API and a scraper for Google Play. I created an API that fetches app reviews from App Store and Google Play.
Lior Barak
I think AppAnnie support this