Do you need 1,000 True Fans?

Jose Leon
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I've been thinking about the 1,000 True Fans today. How many do you really need? Those numbers look too big for me. 250 True Fans is more than enough for an Indie Maker. For a $10 subscription: $2500/month. Now the question is how, but with a much smaller number, it seems easier to get. Can you find 250 True Fans?


I understand, but struggle with this concept. It really depends on how much revenue/income you desire. From there the number of offerings and the price point that you will provide within the year. In my opinion, it's about continuously creating value because your fans will cycle through, basically everyone evolves.
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@michelle_ngome Do you mean that you are not a big fan of it because is hard to continuously create value? or something else? The numbers... yes, depends on every person, but 1K True Fans, as the original article states, seems very high to me. Do you have any other ideas around this so I can find other ways to buy my freedom? Thanks for your comment!
@jrleonr I understand the concept. I think everyone that preaches the concept has more than 1K fans. Most of the people I hear have 1M following and do JV/affiliate marketing with other people with large followings.  This concept is based on if you want to make 100K/year.  For example, people mention a membership site. However, the average person stays in a membership program less than 18 months. My thing is you constantly have to replenish x amount of people to hit your revenue goals b/c people will drop off.  Whatever the number is the expert has to keep their offerings and pipelines full to obtain their revenue goals.
Writing about my path to freedom
@michelle_ngome Understood! Yes, make sense. I guess than 250 fans is easier to 1K. That's what I thought! (and enough for me)