How do you find potential users to interview for your product?

Jasmind Thomas
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Since the world is mostly remote now, as a UX designer I find it challenging to find potential users. Outside of large firm focus groups, what resources or tactics have worked in the past year that have helped you not only find the right people but also interview them?


Ethan Zoller
It's better to test than not to test. If that means you have to do the first usability test with your mother, do it. You will find that you learn from it, even if they don't care about the problem you solve. Look at who you built the product for, what problem are you solving? I hope you have already talked with some, maybe they are your friends. If not, get on that. Search out where the communities are held. Whether that is Reddit, Discord, Twitter, or something else. Look for individuals who are known in the area. If you can't get your voice heard to the non-popular individuals, shooting cold emails to the well-known ones could help branch your voice through them. Example, they like who you are and what you are doing, so they share the product on their Twitter.
Fabian Maume
You can try to reach out to influencer in the industry your target. They should be perfect people to interview. You can: - Check out YouTube (you can get email of the youtubers from the about page of the channel) - Top Quora writer for a given industry (Quora has a direct message feature). - Check people active on a specific hashtag on LinkedIn, comment their posts and send contact requests.