What are the best webapps for creating short promotional videos?

Silvia O'Dwyer
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Hey there, makers! I'm hoping to launch my product soon, and am currently creating marketing materials for the launch. I'd like to create a short promotional video that introduces the webapp, showcases its features and so forth. What is your favourite webapp to accomplish this? Thanks so much!


Shane Johnston
I've used quite a few different ones but have been using Wave Video for over a year now and love it for quick videos. They have a great selection of templates or you can make your own. AppSumo has a lifetime deal on right now too for a great price.
Silvia O'Dwyer
@shane_johnston1 Hi Shane, Thanks for the recommendation, that's exactly what I was looking for! I've just taken a look at their landing page, and they have such a fantastic selection of templates there. I'm looking forward to trying it out to start making a video for my product launch, thanks again!
Shane Johnston
@silvia_odwyer1 Awesome so glad it helped. Did you find the AppSumo deal?
Elle Werle
https://beeweet.com/ is my faaaave! ✨ So simple, super collaborate, no downloads, and works from my browser.
Silvia O'Dwyer
@nilovapande Thanks for recommending Loom! I've just taken a look at it, and it looks fantastic for demoing products and adding video recordings to the demo! Definitely going to make use of this, so thanks!
Would have to agree with @nilovapande and recommend loom (https://www.loom.com/)