Influencers for apps?

Michelle Ngome
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Has anyone considered or had success using influencers to promote their app(s) or product(s)? Lately, I've been sharing apps/products on my Instagram and my blog, and I'm getting traction. Would you see that valuable to pay for?


Tatiana Kukova, PhD
Yes, I see the value in it. Why? Because they will have positive comments about your app and this may encourage buying behaviour.
Wade Tucker
We ran a relatively small promo-test week with a 300,000 sub YouTube channel and saw good results. The users that signed up in that week were more active than average and gave a lot of quality feedback.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@wadetucker I've been considering a similar promo, what's the best way you've found to connect with YouTube channels and the find right engagement fee structure?
Wade Tucker
@raunaqvaisoha Ours was actually through a friend-of-a-friend connection. We did find that many other YouTuber's business inquiry contact emails had a rather low % response rate. However, I think the key is finding a channel with a very active and engaged community. If you can find a smaller channel with an enthusiastic community, the feedback alone can be worth it. There are online guidelines for standard $/subscriber fees, and there is always room for negotiation.
Raunaq Vaisoha
@wadetucker Appreciate the detailed response and learnings, Wade. Yes, looks like finding a smaller channel with an engaged community is probably our best bet.