What about accessibility?

Agnieszka Stec
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What is your approach to the a11y principles in the project? Is it an important part of product design and development? Do you try to incorporate the a11y principles from an early stage or fix the issues along the way?


Aleyna Çatak
Accessibility is a sensitive side of the design process. Whenever designing a product, we should keep in mind that our product can be used by physically disadvantaged people. Hypothetically speaking, I prefer incorporating the a11y principles from an early stage, but this is usually not the case. I did an accessibility practice on an existing product last month. It was painful to check every principle, to write a report on the issues and developments in need. However, it was a really nice task to do and a sweet practice in terms of accessibility awareness. Your co-workers' accessibility awareness is also significant at this point, you need a11ys to carry out a fruitful working process.