What are your favourite search on youtube ?

Viswanath Vtz
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With many of working from Home, all have started new youtube pages and uploading their talents, daily lifestyle, morning wake-up a yoga class,..etc what are your favorite searches? which is both a passion for our talent & a new source of earnings, please share your Thoughts and Comments


Sanjay Kumar
i mostly search about informative videos on youtube
Viswanath Vtz
@imsanjay Thank you for the details, is that techie reviews or new innovations - which is your favourite ?
Sanjay Kumar
@imsanjay @viswanath_vtz information about latest trends and technology
Jasmind Thomas
I like this brand called The Futur they focus on the design of business and business of design. I find a lot of their content valuable, informative and interesting. I'm always learning something new. For fun I follow competitive eaters, astrologers and some high performance coaches for motivation.
reviews about tech products
Laxmikant Saxena
I generally go to you tube for listening 90's rock music
Raunaq Vaisoha
Podcasts typically. Like JRE, Startalk, YC etc.