Best tools for A/B testing (calls to action, banners, etc) on static webpages (and cheap)?

Robert Thelen
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Markus Zhang
Maybe try Mixpanel? I primarily use React for development so I've found super helpful (not affiliated with it in any way, I just like the package)
Rohit Chavane
I use Google Optimize free version. It does my job.
Dwayne Charrington
There are plenty of tools in the market that can adequately cater to your A/B testing, calls-to-actions, and banner needs. I've used several online tools in the past few years, and my top pick for the job would be Qualaroo. Here are some of the reasons why: Research and set datum: Qualaroo allows you to gather quantitative and qualitative data using 12+ question types to find the issues and effectively formulate your hypothesis for A/B testing. Evaluate potential A/B tests by impact, confidence, and ease: You also get the ability to evaluate all your potential A/B tests using three different criteria that include impact, confidence, and ease. You can then rank them according to the highest success rate and use the variant that yields the best results. Analyze and learn from previous tests: The in-built analysis and reporting system of Qualaroo allows you to make informed decisions from your previous tests to get rid of any flawed assumptions and improve the overall odds of success. Customize CTAs and analyze results: @qualaroo allows you to fully customize your CTAs using page URL and UTM code. It also presents the data in the form of click rates which you can use to analyze the overall performance of the CTA and your website. Supports integration: Another extremely popular feature of Qualaroo is that it integrates with most of the popular tools out there, which makes collecting and transferring data seamless. There are tons of other features that you can explore, and the best part is that you don't have to pay anything to get started with Qualaroo. Hope it helps. Read Here: 25 Best AB Testing Tools