In a Tweet Notion asked what were missing with Confluence :) Here's my reply

Nilova Pande
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Below were what's missing.. 1)The visual layout of business data in the form of a map. 2)Ability to create information clusters such as viewpoints to manage large information sets & better focus 3)Disappearing links for sharing docs so forget about sharing sensitive information via pdf or watermarks 4)Ability to create modular documents where each component/element may be used and re-used several times to create several other documents Know more & early access @ Follow us on LinkedIn Watch us @ Here's what's common between Dropbox Paper, Notion, and countless others 1) Create and assign tasks within the doc ( they call themselves all in one workspace) 2) Ability to link several docs 3) Ability to put tags for sorting and query purposes 4) Export and import data from a bunch of other SaaS applications Slack, Asana, Trello ..... and storage services Box,Drive bla bla bla
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