Collaboration micro-interactions that rule!

Eve Weinberg
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Hey All - I'm writing an article about the best collaboration UX micro-interactions. Ex: Figma arrows, Mural follow-any-user, Pitch's live video ( or's 3D spatial audio....any small detail that just makes collaboration online better. Here is a draft of the full article: Please share your favorites with me! Thank you Product Hunt Community!


Raunaq Vaisoha
I like location sharing on Google Maps
Eve Weinberg
@raunaqvaisoha good call! i hadn't considered that user value of knowing where people physically are and following them on a map. very cool.
I like to engage with my vacuum cleaner. I'm the first one he asks for help when he is in trouble or stuck in somewhere ^^
Eve Weinberg
@batuh haha. Love it! The whole iOT personification concept is very rich.
Eve Weinberg
Here are some more examples I've found in the past few days: Generate Emotion: High fives in Figma Celebration - asana unicorn & rainbows user can turn on, Carta - you’ve been paid confetti Loom confetti: Emoji Reactions offering a range of emotions (Ex: fishbowl) Make your own emojis. (Slack) The presence of others: Follow along in Mural Google slides - know which slide they are on basecamp avatars - see who’s viewing Co-authoring docs - watch people type Your wall of text, by Andrew Badr Revision history - Show the diff - Ex: GitHub ( Casual conversations about work async Annotations in invision “Bubble” app annotation (Video blurbs) Medium notes Loose Ideation Ideate - mural. White boarding - Miro Personal Expression voice - Loom Voice - clubhouse Avatar creation - bitmoji
Mike Staub
This animated login form is still one of my favorites:
Eve Weinberg
@mikestaub Hey Mike! Thanks for that cool example. Super fun. Hope peapods is going well. And hope you are well! Nice to see you on here. - Eve
Fredo Tan
Would love to read this article when available!
Eve Weinberg
For anyone interested, here is the draft of the article in Medium: Any/all comments welcome. I'm aiming to publish in a week after getting comments back.
Chris Messina
You might find some interesting things in my #VirtualSpatialNetworking collection: