How do you design social media posts for your Product Hunt launch?

Aleyna Çatak
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How do you decide what to share with your followers about your launch on Product Hunt? What are the main points that you prefer to share (e.g.: We've just launched on PH, we're on Today's List...)? I would love to hear about your opinions and experiences.


Brandon Gaille
The most important part of social media optimization for a Product Hunt launch is the first image of your gallery. That image is going to show up on all organic social media shares. It needs to have some nice large text that states clearly what you product does. Here's a great example of a Product Hunt launch that nailed their first gallery image and how it looked in a Twitter tweet:
Aleyna Çatak
@brandongaille Thank you for the comment and the example! I didn't realize the importance of this until your comment.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi! We launched two months ago. Our priority was to share the key values and the key benefits of our software. We put a presentation video of our main feature and added some creatives, including real screenshots of our platform. We also shared an introduction video with our co-founders presenting Keypup. If you need more inspiration, we wrote more details about our PH launch on our blog:
Kristin Ides
Share everything! This isn't the time to limit your Tweets :-) And start sharing early, you can create a PH "Ship" page (aka upcoming) to grab subscriptions for launch. Make sure you start building an audience early, so you have a core group of users that are already interested on launch day.
Raunaq Vaisoha
I would simply design posts that clearly communicate how the product accomplishes the job to be done for the customer. People would click for the value. The post should highlight what's in it for them. Sometimes text can do this better than graphics can, especially if the value prop is straightforward. I resort to GIFs, because it allows you to use both graphics and text to share the value and people tend to engage with them more (at least on messaging services).