How did you decide on your product hunt tagline?

Joel Loyol
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Kind of struggling to figure out how to pitch my site, usually I just say its Reddit meets MTV. Maybe I'm overthinking it but I rarely see X meets Y as a tagline.


Aaron O'Leary
Hey Joel! Good question and it can be tough, I typically recommend just describing the product as simply as possible, thinks like Reddit meets MTV also works for this, adds a touch of mystery whilst still giving a good idea :)
Nathan Svirsky
@aaronoleary Agreed! I actually think Reddit meets MTV is already quite compelling and would instantly make me curious to find out more.
Joel Loyol
@aaronoleary Thanks Aaron, that is good to know. Yeah I've been debating if I should add sentence afterwards like "Reddit meets MTV, a place to discover music videos". I wonder if that takes away from the mystery.
Nikki Gusz
@aaronoleary I agree! I also like the "X for Y" format works well (X being a known product, Y being your product). A quick analysis also shows average of some recent taglines is just under 50 characters in length, almost never over 60 (shout out @jdgusz @dan_gusz1 for these insights)
Raunaq Vaisoha
I explain the product to a few friends. Then, ask them to describe it in a sentence. You typically find a pattern of what people think is the Wow/excitement factor of the product and you can build a tagline out of that sentence.
Aris Alexis
You can validate this process by keeping stats. We @ BorrowMind have an excel sheet and keep tagline - person group - understanding level such as "I talked to Mary and when she asked what are you working on, I told her tagline X and she understood it almost perfectly 8/10, Mary is a target user" for example. Then we go with the higher stat tagline at the moment.
Reddit meets MTV has me curious to find out more, I think it works well in this case! A good test is to take your top 3 taglines and test them out with friends/strangers and see which tagline gains the most curiosity :)
James Skarzynski
The problem with Reddit meets MTV is that I have literally no idea what it means. You're on the right track that you want people to be intrigued and click, but if I have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, I'll have no reason to click. What could be described as reddit meets MTV: YouTube Music Forums Spotify w/ Comments Livestreaming for Musicians
George Novik
First of all, I would think about my first audience or main one. Then I thought that I was doing or deciding the main thing for them. And purely on this, it would make a slogan that would catch these people. I think it works, especially when people share the product. With love.
Dalton Fowler
reddit meets mtv.. so my assumption is that it's ppl posting their music videos to a forum & those w/ upvotes go to the top. I think picking your tagline is all about ensuring it gets an accurate message across to as many as possible. If ~30% of ppl make the wrong assumption about what your product is after reading the tagline, that's a problem that needs to be addressed