What can be the business model of a digital learning materials selling platform?

Shayon Khaled (Shayon)
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I've been thinking about this idea for quite awhile. The COVID-19 pandemic has made digital learning materials like PDF version of notes and study materials the new normal. So, if there was a marketplace where students could sell digital learning materials made by them to other students, how would the marketplace make money? Commission pricing model? Would that work for students? I'm looking for suggestions from you guys, do comment below! :)


Ivan Homola
Yes, a marketplace is an option for sure. I'm working on a project of interactive learning materials: PrezeLive.com I don't have a business model yet, but my vision is to create a place for teachers and students to share learning materials. Anyone can build a lecture/presentation and present it to others in real-time. Other teachers/students can copy, edit, and reuse it. A good example of this marketplace is TeachersPayTeachers.com.
@ichangetheway Thank you so much for sharing your idea, your website looks pretty cool! Best of luck! :)
Stephane Ibos
A commission pricing model is probably the way to go for a marketplace. Although with an idea like that you might want to consider a subscription model: students subscribe (monthly, quarterly or annually) and pay the subscription fee, then get an "all you can eat" offer. Of course, as soon as you are targeting students, the pricing of your offer will be ultra sensitive: it's a crowd that doesn't crawl in dollar bills. Good luck!
@stephane_ibos The subscription model sounds good, but I'm curious, how would it work when there would be multiple vendors in the marketplace? Like, if it was just the platform selling its own products, I get how the subscription model would work in that case. But is it feasible for a marketplace where anyone can sign up to be a vendor and sell products and how would it work, if it was? Yes, couldn't agree more with that. Also, the fact that there are a lot of free resources available on the internet might make students feel even more reluctant to pay for them on such a platform Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated. :)