A banking product made by, and for neurodiverse folks

cathleen turner
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https://www.luna.money/ I want to build a banking product that helps people get richer - particularly those who are neurodiverse. As a person with ADHD, I have always struggled with managing my finances. Even worse, when I mismanaged my finances, I was dinged by fees, APR % on credit cards, or seduced by credit cards. How is Luna different? - No overdraft fees - Set limits to spending categories, and smart alerts for when you go beyond your limits - Soft locks: set a lock on your account when you feel like you will have urges to spend. To unlock you will need to complete puzzle or talk to a person - Can I afford this? tool - Less stimulating UI - Microloans with low interest rate to pay for biggish unexpected expenses that you would normally put on a credit card. Sometimes you need to pay for something unexpected, and if you set up automatic payments to this loan, you can get one for a low interest rate to tide you over. - Balance transfers for CC with high APR% - Partner account management. Give read-only access to people who help you manage your finances, like parents or partners. - Link your accounts on other places (Chase, BoA, etc) so that you can see all the places where you have your money in one place. Luna will have a transparent charging scheme - no hidden fees. Just a flat fee of 5 dollars a month. Thoughts? I made a survey on the website. I want to see how people would be interested in this product. Please fill out the survey, NT people too! I am sure the features on Luna will be a benefit for everyone who wants to get their finances on track.


alice b
As a person who is related to the business sphere, I am sure that your offer is perfect for a certain category of people. For example, many banks provide credit cards with a high interest rate, which does not allow all people to issue a card for their usual needs. But your offer allows you to make money transfers and pay for your purchases at reduced commission rates. But the most important thing is that all cash flows are absolutely transparent. This is especially convenient for small private businesses, which especially need money at the initial stage. Factoring company (https://factorforyou.com/new-yor...), which oversees our business, always offers to consider such offers.