How do I improve copy for my website?

Michael J
2 replies We are struggling with how to make our copy better. Got any articles, tools, etc. to help?


Dragos Bulugean
A pretty good resource in this regard is Pedro Cortes's: The SaaS Landing page Blueprint. It might help!
Reed Jackson
There are a ton of great resources for copywriting out there! Here are a few books/resources I've come across that have been super helpful. Some are quite antiquated, but the concepts apply: Ramit Sethi: Call to Action – https://buy.iwillteachyoutoberic... The Architecture of Persuasion: Making Ads Pay: A few thoughts just based on a quick look at your homepage: • Specificity over generality – be careful not to write copy that is so general that it could apply to anyone, but is so vague it applies to no one in particular. • What is the one benefit of your platform? What is the problem you're solving for your prospects? Make that the theme of your headline, and have the rest of your copy drive from there. • Juice up your CTAs. "Submit a Request" makes me feel like I'm at the DMV. What are the words you can put in that button that makes me feel like pushing it will find me the Cadillac of marketing agencies • Copywriting takes a lot of time. Try things out, obsess over the details.