What's one thing that you do on a regular Monday to keep yourself going?

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Mayank Makwana
Szymon Adamiak
Exercise in the morning
Adam Muller
I just started a BETA Coworking Membership, and we have sessions every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11am - 1pm PST. The structure of the session is: 1). We use the Pomodoro Technique (work in 25 mins. chunks at a time 2). Everyone goes around and states what their work goal for Pomodoro one (making sure it's clear and feels doable), 3). Then I share my screen with 25 min. timer and everyone works (people can turn off their mics and video) 4). When we come back everyone goes around, said what they got done, make new work goal for Pomodoro two 5). Repeat for two hours. Super helpful to have this on Mondays. I host free coworking sessions every Wednesday. Here's a link if anybody wants to try it: https://adhdcollective.com/adhd-...
@muller_adam This is so cool! I do something of this sort with two of my work friends, it feels so good. Thanks for sharing!