What do you think about voice comments?

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Would you comment youtube movies or goodread books with your voice? Would you like to hear what other people think about a book or a clip? What would you hold from expressing your thoughts with voice?


Raunaq Vaisoha
This is an interesting premise for an idea. As a consumer, I’d love to hear commentary from people who could add depth or excitement to the content I was watching. For instance, Twitch commentary adds a lot of excitement to the gameplay. What would be annoying as a consumer would be a discussion with random people talking over each other. As a commentor, what would hold me back is it seems like it would be more of an effort to be entertaining using my voice and words than a simple comment with an Emoji or a GIF. I’d probably have to plan out what I would say like a voicemail. Might be a bit fatiguing unless I’m really trying to build an audience.
Dragos Bulugean
I would not do it and it could be a good idea, but not for youtube comments for sure. Maybe for some review websites or other platforms, for sure.
@dragos_bulugean I agree. I lack audio and human communication. I think that with AI age and swarm of comments that are fake people will trust voice more. That´s a speculation. Thanks for answering
@dragos_bulugean By the way. I developed POC of the ides: https://www.youtalky.com/hello
Hüppe Keith
I think it is a great idea a simple plugin that transcribes the audio and leaves a play button to hear the actual users voice would be great.
@huppe_keith Noted! I developed a platform with actual voice comments from users but your idea is as unique! Thanks