3Qs of work life - your thoughts?

Rangarajan Nallappa
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Do you agree with this assumption - that Intelligent quotient is for the individual contributors, Emotional quotient for the mid/team management and the Networking quotient for the CXOs/top management (in an organisation)?


Abe Winter
senior managers who are good at their job have incredible strategic intelligence. wouldn't characterize them as 'just good at networking'. not sure if this is EQ exactly, but ICs who can't listen and communicate won't do well. there's a certain kind of R&D-focused role which requires a lot of individual skill, which you might call high IQ, but to deliver good work this person typically has to lead a team. also, everyone needs to network. I think the difference between ICs and managers might be financial ambition, or desire to have a seat at the table.
Rangarajan Nallappa
@abewinter Absolutely. It's important for every work professional to have all the three quotients. As you said to grow as an individual and as a work professional, networking is mandatory. But if you look at it this way - ICs are the ones who put their acquired skill into work hence it's key to have a high IQ to perform better. To manage people, you need EQ which is something that is expected out of team Managers. For the CXOs, it's about how they maintain relationships with other businessmen and how deals are closed. I am thinking atleast 60% works this way.