Any engineering managers in Makers?

Janice Wilson
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Curious what are the most pressing diversity or inclusion challenges y'all are facing.


Alejandro Cantarero
Getting diverse candidates in the interview pipeline. Especially when there's little to no budget for the hiring process, such as when you are a small startup. We do almost all our hiring on places that are free to post jobs (e.g. Angel List). We've found different job boards or tools that claim to help, but they all cost $$. I've got a list of them to try out when we have the budget. However, that doesn't really help me with the immediate problem. We make sure to interview every qualified candidate that would increase diversity on the team, but the total number we find on Angel List isn't high enough. Does anyone have any strategies to source more diverse applicants with free or cheap recruiting tools/websites?
Janice Wilson
@alejandro_cantarero1 Thanks for taking a moment to respond! For starters, check out the first free issue for Diversity Decoded ( In short, posting on job boards, even those targeted toward under-represented minorities (URMs) in the industry, have little ROI for companies without brand recognition. For a start-up, I recommend getting down and dirty with the free tier of LinkedIn, making good use of its search filters and making time each week for personal outreach.