Which features would excite you in a document generation application ?

Nilova Pande
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Hi Hunters, I am developing a text editor application https://qinaps.com/ and asking for your feedback to create the experience of a pivot table for documents. Imagine the index/headers of your document in the form of a map. This allows you to navigate across sections of your document in a visual manner rather than scrolling across several pages. Sign up for early access and fill out the webform with your emails. I am quite excited to hear from all of you and get some cool testers and users. https://qinaps.com/ Cheers! Nilova


Jerome Ibañez
You're asking the wrong questions, I'm afraid. Asking what features people want is a big No-No. I suggest that you read the book "The Mom Test" on how to correctly phrase your questions so you get the most insights without the bias.
@jibanez27 thanks for the comment .. i was hoping people will help me with their wishlist .. but i will keep probing .. you might want to extend your thoughts
Jerome Ibañez
@jibanez27 @nilovapande I have no further thoughts on your vertical per se, but when thinking about on what features to include in your app/startup, it all boils down to what the problem is. More often than not, the solution/features to a particular problem naturally reveals itself once you have validated the problem. If you're having trouble figuring out what your supposed features are then I suggest that you take a step back and ask yourself if this is really a solution to a problem, or are you just looking for a problem that will fit your solution? There's a big difference between the two. Here's a quick video about The Mom Test: