How do you keep family memories? like family photos, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

Viswanath Vtz
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How do you keep family memories, like Photos and Videos? If you are looking for something new mobile app, what all are the features you expect?


Hey Viswanath, For me personally, I was discussing with my partner about actually printing our photos and creating some memory books. For me, I think looking through family memories physically with my family/kid is more of an event, than flicking through on an app (I feel like I have this on my phone/albums on Apple Photos already). Maybe an app that would be useful for me would take existing albums/date range on my device and gives me the possibility to just click a button and a week later, I receive a printed photo album. That's my opinion on photos and family memories. But I'm sure there are people who are more app-based for their memories. Great question though 😁
I personally don't organize my photos and it gets lost in my Apple/Google Photos. Often times I forget about them until I scroll through hundreds. So if there's an app that would remind/motivate me to organize and go through them (deleting duplicates etc) that would be super helpful!
Alex Standall
Google photos with multi options. Share privately and later you have option to upgrade
Viswanath Vtz
@alexstandall I think it is going to be paid services, so are you ready to pay for it ? or looking for something else which is secured and add on
Alex Standall
@alexstandall @viswanath_vtz Google Photos is only one that give 15 gb free of cost. Others like icloud and one drive are limited to 5gb. smugsmug is wise option to keep memories.
Paul Nica
We have all our childhood photos printed and organized into photo albums by family members. My most recent photos are just a mess and I keep most of them in an archive on my computer and the rest somewhere in my phone.
Viswanath Vtz
@paul_nica Are you looking for something new, a featured mobile app ?
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