Beta Testers - founders/people interested let's connect!

Katrin Kaurov
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Hi, I'm looking for prototype feedback and beta testers for my personal finance app for Gen Z. Any advice where to look for beta testers besides setting up a landing page? I'd be happy to receive & give feedback from my side as well on the MVP with anyone over here! Let's support each other!


Jesús Zorrilla
Your app is down (betatester)
Михаил Палей
This is a great question actually. Have been wondering this myself. Subscribing to this discussion
Dan Gusz
Set up a simple landing page, identify some criteria for the users, estimate how much time would be required for beta testing (try to keep under 5 minutes if possible), and cold outreach to individuals in your target audience on social (LinkedIn, Twitter). Some people will be nice and try, and use those first users to get feedback and also to connect to other testers.