How to recive a large amount of feedback on a survey?

Beate Norheim
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My team and I are testing out a concept through a microsoft forms survey but is struggelig to get a sufficent number of people to answer it. Any ideas how to improve the survey? Or places to post it were people are willing to replay?


Bastian Külzer
For the first question, "how to improve the survey". You can check Typeform and get some inspiration. They do it quite playful, and this keeps the engagement up. At least for our surveys, this works pretty well.
Dragos Bulugean
Choose a better survey platform, like Typeform. You could also try and give away something for people that complete the survey, for example, a free resource or anything like that. Also, know your audience and where to find it, think about something clever to offer them in return for their survey completion.
Beate Norheim
@dragos_bulugean We have been talking about giving away giftcards; But your idea about resources or other suggestion I will keep in mind. Your second point on audiance, do you have any recommandation on a good tool to help identiy places to find my audiance?
Aleyna Çatak
You might search for the ways to make your survey more interactive. I'm currently working on a user research project at my univerity, and I created a number of simulations on Adobe XD to make my potential users interact with. I will implement these simulations into my survey to increase the quantity and the quality of answers. Interaction makes it attractive.
Kendall Gelner
Eliminate all of the options that don't mention delivery time (4 & 5). I know you are trying to drill down to something but I found those extremely confusing and think a lot of people would bail, plus I think there are too many drill-down questions. I think you need three at most, fewer would be better.
Hannah S Kim
Hi Beate, that is a good question! I agree with the others- Typeform is a great platform for surveys. We recently gave out Amazon gift cards to our survey responders and that worked well. Another tip is to mention that you will gift more thorough responders with greater rewards (larger gift cards) to increase your survey completion rate. Hope this helps!