Which aspect of Instagram do you explore the most for B2B marketing?

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Since Instagram has a link ban, it gets a little frustrating for marketers to provide the audience with a CTA. How, then, do you leverage the platform?


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What kind of B2B product are you trying to advertise on Instagram? Instagram is not the social media I would focus on for B2B. I would rather focus in order on: Linkedin , Quora & Facebook.
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@fabian_maume Right, exactly why I asked this question. Linkedin and Facebook have been the primary mediums for my B2B marketing operations. But, Instagram is a very different platform, and I'd want to establish our presence there as well. Instagram can be mostly used for the awareness stage, I guess. What do you think?
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@tapsi Instagram make sense only if your product is connected to visuals. That is why I'm asking what your B2B product. For most of B2B products it is better to simply ignore Instagram.
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@fabian_maume Right, makes sense. Our product is an interactive content tool. Basically, used to create experiences like quizzes, calculators, recommendations, polls, etc.
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I don't see any problem with Instagram banning links. Many people find ways to get out of it. For example, most bloggers in stories put a click on the link, and accordingly, clicking on the click here results in a click on the link. It's effortless. Also, no one forbids you to write the name of the site. Thus, anyone who becomes interested finds the site by name. Recently, this is how I learned about a site where you can buy subscribers and likes. So naturally, I was interested in this, so I found the site by its name. I've been planning to buy active subscribers to promote my travel account for a long time.
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Do you still face issue to add link in bio? currently its working with me. I have added successfully my product link to my business account on Instagram. Also I was doing research that how to get more leads and found this website to grow followers count organically on Instagram. As I'm sure this can also help you to get your organic leads on next level.
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