What's your biggest pain point with your newsletter reading experience today?

Juraj Pal
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With more Substacks and newsletters out there, my friend and I realized that we're subscribed to a ton of them that we were excited to learn from, but somehow most ended up just sitting in our inboxes, unread. It's no wonder that newsletters are more popular than ever before but we would really love to rethink the reading and learning experience. What's your experience like?


Justin Finkelstein
I have no way to find audio newsletter. I also donโ€™t know how to create audio newsletters that get distribution.
I set some google alerts and my experience with those was the same as with newsletters.
For me, it would be good to reminded of things that I have to read (for example through a push notification) but one title/topic at a time. This would not make me feel overwhelmed by the amount of info, and I could decide if I'm interested or not -> I keep the notification if I want to read now/later, I cancel if I'm not. I would be annoyed if the frequency is too high and not adapted to my behaviour (e.g. I go and read the article, I'm probably ready to read another one the day after). I never read the article - maybe I'm too busy and next prompt should be delayed more. Of course, assuming that newsletter prompt topics are things I am to a degree relevant/ I'm interested in because I signed up
Yuliia Mamonov ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
Same for me. I'm subscribed to a bunch of great newsletters but they mostly end up unread because I either don't have time to read them, or the inbox gets cluttered with spam. I often intend to deal with the issue but never actually do
Juraj Pal
@yulia_mamonova thanks for sharing, Yulia! Would you be up for a 15 min chat about this space? Would love to get your perspective on what we're buidling.