What are the different ways to promote Slack bot ?

I would like to get promotional tips or methods to promote Slack bot from bot Makers. 1) Reached to slack and got listed in New & Noteworthy 2) Published the product in SaasHub, Betalist, Alternative.me 3) Tried to promote in Slack reddit group 4) Tried my best to promote in top 100 Slack Workspaces for professionals. (I haven't hunted the product in ProductHunt yet) Suggestions welcomed! Thanks.


Srivatsa Mudumby
Looks like you already have a bunch of cool ideas Sanjith. These are a couple of hacks that crossed my mind: 1. Post on MakerLog & IndieHackers. 2. Directly reach out to startup influencers on Twitter & ask them to try. And then tweet about it if they like. 3. Tech & productivity blogs 4. Instagram pages - These days we have IG pages for literally everything & people discover interesting things to do in there - Apps, movies, memes, TV shows etc.