Can you help me choose a name for my product?

Aleix Ramon
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I've built a commitment device for bloggers, but it seems most don't like the current name (Write or Die). What do you think would be a better alternative? Context: You set a deadline for your blog post and a price. If you don't post it on time, you pay. ( Feel free to write any new ideas in the comments. Cheers!


Post of Pay seems pretty cool
Yuliia Mamonov 🇺🇦
What a great idea for those working with the Content! And answering your question, I like the "Post or Pay" option and "Blog or Pay".
Aleix Ramon
@yulia_mamonova Thank you! Post or Pay seems to be the most popular idea for now. I'll stick with it for now and hopefully have some attention by the time new year resolutions hit, which is the best time of the year for this kind of products.
Marian Beck
What's wrong with "Write or Die"? I think it's perfect.
Aleix Ramon
@marian_beck I also thought so :) But then most bloggers told me that they didn't like it. I wasn't sure about changing it at first since I did like it a lot, but hey the produce is made for them, not for me!
Demi Yang
Post or Die would probably be pretty inaccurate for most of the wagers set
Cristina Marin
Loved your idea! my fav is Post or Pay. Other ones that come to my mind are: Post or lose, Write or Drop.
Aleix Ramon
Thanks @cristina_marin. It seems that indeed Post or Pay is the most liked one, and I'll stick with it for now.
suryakant yadav
As the main goal is to post so “Post ItOn” might get the message across
Alejandro V. Betancourt
I personally really like alliterations, make the name memorable and shows you put in some effort in making it witty. After a bit of thinking, I kinda like 'Blog or Go Broke' or 'Brutal Bloggers'. As you can see, both of the above have a different tones. From here, it really depends on who your audience is and what kind of brand you want to build. I kinda envisioned the type of user that would pay to force themselves to blog as a high achiever with mild ADHD, someone who swings between outperforming or not doing anything. Busy and disorganised, have a lot to say but 'no time' and struggled with authority and structure. Hence paying would allow them to create the space to blog and have a detriment which is as 'extreme' as their working modes. Also, belonging to a tribe would be huge for these people. I'd love to hear from you whether these names or my assessment of your potential customers is accurate.
Aleix Ramon
@albus_v_betancourt great comment. You've described the users better than I could. Regarding the names, they make sense but I'll go with Post or Pay - it's the one people liked the most by far, here and in other forums. And even if it has the word "Pay" in the name, which some people said it could be counterproductive, it clearly states what the product is about. One more point, you wrote "belonging to a tribe would be huge for these people". Why do you think it would be huge for this kind of people? I'm asking because one of my ideas for later is precisely to create a forum only for people who used this product, which means people who are as you described.
Aleix Ramon
@albus_v_betancourt Very interesting! Thank you for explaining it. I'd definitely want to listen to that interview. Was she interviewed on "10% Happier with Dan Harris", perhaps?
Alejandro V. Betancourt
@aleix_ramon I'm almost certain I listened to her on the Tony Robbins podcast, 1 Feb 2018, titled 'Upholder, Questioner, Obliger or Rebel' (Apple Podcasts)
Aalok Purohit
Blogorpay is just little lesser than write or die, Commit ToBlog have total positive look & psychological impact on mind.
Kendall Gelner
Although I also liked "Post or Pay", some other ideas: Post Pressure Writeoff Tick-Talk