How do you get ongoing customer feedback?

Martin Rariga
19 replies
It's easy when you have your first couple customers. But how do you keep listening after you grow? What tools do you use?


Cathrin Schneider
I like using chat (intercom, zendesk, etc) or do NPS questions with comments
Martin Rariga
@cathrin_schneider Nice! What's your favorite tool for NPS / survey?
Cathrin Schneider
@cathrin_schneider @martinrariga We use Pendo, but have used Zendesk in the past as well. I am pretty sure there are smaller/cheaper tools out there if you just wanted to measure NPS. HubSpot for example lets you capture it as well.
Kaveen Molligoda
Create a simple online form with a nice theme and a few engaging questions for them to answer, It will be much more convenient for your customers to answer a few questions rather than writing a feedback. Also easy to track statistics and results if you use a good dynamic form tool like
Roman Eaton
Hey @martinrariga. We do use Product Board and trying to listen to trends of our current customers and also try to anticipate somebody's wishes.
Martin Rariga
@roman_eaton How are you liking it? We've tried Productboard couple months ago at Baremetrics. Do you use their Portal for letting people submit ideas? Anything on top of that for custom surveys / NPS?
Tomáš Vestenický
Although I *might* be a bit biased, I believe the best solution for growing startups is a public feedback board with a roadmap. Key benefits: 1. Allowing people to post feedback freely (not prompted by a question) means more diverse and *real* ideas. 2. Open discussion is essential. Most of the time, a single post won't contain enough detail, and upvotes are meaningless by themselves. When multiple customers weigh in on an idea, that's where the magic happens. 3. A roadmap sets clear expectations – customers love seeing that progress is made on *their* ideas. (IKEA effect and stuff) I'm building, so that's where the bias comes from. If you (or anybody) have any questions about this I'm always happy to chat!
Paul Nica
Maybe leave people an e-mail from time to time and ask how they feel, because it's the easiest way to tell them that you care but at the same time it's not a huge commitment, especially if you automate this process.
Nikita Kanade
If you are testing a new idea you can run a design sprint - a step by step recipe to go from idea to user tested and validated prototype in just 4 days without writing a single line of code. We at Viniage design have been using this process to help startups kickstart on their ideas to gain the necessary momentum to validate and launch new products. To know more write to me at
Jason Grills
There are a lot of ways to help you capture customer feedback on a regular basis. I personally feel that live chat (ProProfs Chat, Zendesk, etc) can help you collect feedback from customers once a chat comes to an end. You can also try sending NPS surveys to customers in every quarter to see how well your brand is performing. That way you won’t be pestering customers all the time and also get to gauge if they still remember your brand. Besides these two, you can capture your customer’s feedback through sidebar feedback forms Qualaroo (
Junior Owolabi
Sorry in advance for mentioning my own tool. I developed a tool for this, it treats all feedback as customer problems, enables users to sort the feedback based on votes or customer data points (which we collected based on prior qualitative/quantitative research also done via the tool). Website is:
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