Kill The Idea

suryakant yadav
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Hi, What do you think is the best way to kill a concept!?


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I know this is a cop out, but that depends on the concept. I think you'll have to share it to get an answer
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@david_furlong I’m sort of in dilemma whether to explain the concept or prepare some kind of video?
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Up to you do whatever is faster to create or more engaging
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@david_furlong make sense thanks
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Could you provide more info? What do you mean by concept?
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@david_t_kim it’s a headphone concept that I have been developing for visually impaired individuals. And it is also useful for normal individuals. So it serves both demographics simultaneously.
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Kill your idea or your child who wants something new and asks you for help? And you just don't know how to politely refuse him, so as not to offend him)))
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@ruslan77 and how would you recommend positioning oneself where others will ask for something new?
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