Start-Ups online discovery platform and newsletter

Ziad B. Tannous
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Hello PH community, I have recently launched my website It's basically a Start-Ups online discovery platform and newsletter. is an online start-ups discovery platform and newsletter that features start-ups (in a nutshell) from all around the globe and that span across a plethora of industries and sectors. We employ the Too Long; Didn't Read (TL;DR) concept in sending our subscribers the daily dose of start-ups discovery newsletter! Our objective is to: 1. Help start-ups raise awareness about their brands and increase their online visibility as well as the web exposure of their products and / or services. 2. Provide our e-newsletter readers and subscribers, the hottest and most valuable start-ups discoveries from all around the world, and help them choose the most efficient and affordable Tech / SaaS tools to maximize their productivity and to effectively run their business! Would love for you to sign up to the daily newsletter and stay updated on the latest in the Start-Ups Discovery sphere! Cheers, Ziad
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