Where and how should I conduct market research in the HR tech space?

Demi Yang
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Since internal company recruiters in tech would be the target market, I'm wondering where it is appropriate for me to ask them questions like "Would you pay for X feature and how much?". My initial ideas are manually messaging them on LinkedIn and joining recruiter-centric LinkedIn groups. Second question is, how should I gather this information? Is a survey appropriate? I don't want to be too specific with my questions in case I miss on a big 'need' that the market has. Thanks!


Michelle Smith
Some key benefits of Market Research: -Able to spot business opportunities clearly -Easy to understand the customer base -Helps to plan Marketing strategy -Can determine where to advertise -Lowered business risk
Liam Oliver
The area of research is entirely irrelevant. If we are talking about digital technologies, then it should be understood that there is a lot of material on the Internet for researching this niche. However, it takes a very long time and is not worth spending so much time on it. It is much more profitable to get Semiconductor and Electronics Market Research Reports (https://www.marketresearchfuture...) for $ 4000. It is a high price, but if you start your own business, you must carefully study the market situation and understand whether you should work in this area. It is much easier than you might think.