I have seen at least 4 products on Product Hunt today, using "async" in their tagline 🤯

Agata Krzysztofik
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Is this the new must have keyword like it used to be with "AI"? I'm feeling FOMO


Tod Pedler
Yes it's certainly a trending term. I think as we shift away from the office, and more employers are casting their net for talent beyond their own backyard. We won't all be working in the same time zone so we need tools that help us continue to work even if our team mates are asleep. Which means we can get the answers we need without having to wait until they are back online. I think we will always use a blend of sync tools like Slack and async tools like email.
Lluís Ventura
Guilty! We use async (the word) in our product, comeet.me, because it is. When you are essentially remote, or distributed or just if you want time flexibility, async communications becomes more and more a need! Everyone sees the need of having less sync thingsduring the day (Zoom, Calls, interruptions or even Slack messages) to be able to have more focus and flexibility. That's why async-first tools makes a lot of sense these days. That became a more clear need during the COVID pandemia, so YES it is absolutely a trend, but makes a lot of sense! :)
Jim Zhou
Just as long as people don't forget that the metaphor is a bit too on-point - if you don't await the async function the return isn't going to help you. very much.
Aazar Ali Shad
It's the new wave actually.
David T. Kim
I agree that this is a trend, but companies like "Slack" should have the resources and the culture to figure this out. Famous last words...