Which LTD provider is the best for a Saas?

Camille Franceschi
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Hi πŸ‘‹ There are many LTDP providers: AppSumo, LTDF Lifetime Tech Deal Fans FB group, Saas Mantra, Digital Think, Martech and more. Which site did you choose for your LTD? Were you satisfied? Thks! Cam


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AppSumo is πŸ”₯
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AppSumo. It is the only one I'm following.
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I heard only about AppSumo & Saas Mantra, so I would bet on one of those. There was a presentation about AppSumo launch on one of the last SaaStock Local That might give you some insight.
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Thank for sharing this @fabian_maume, the guy provided a very interesting feedback
archbee: docs for software people
talk to @iuditg, they are also great at doing LTD :)
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Interesting question - who has experience with LTDs?
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We are going live on Dec 2nd on AppSumo :) will share the result r8 after
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@lotfipouya1 Great thank you!
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PitchGround is pretty good