Growth hacks for newsletter growth

Olman J Quesada
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I recently started a newsletter on growing a newsletter... we're trying all the growth hacks experts write about except showing results real time... What are some successful growth hacks (2-3 hrs of work = 50-500+ subs) that you've seen work that we can experiment and try?


Codie Sanchez
Love it. I’m intrigued by anyone’s success on reddit or quora??
Bill Flitter
Here are a few that have worked for me that do take 2-3 hours of work per week. 1. This is a simple one but I got my first 200+ subscribers with comment marketing. My general commenting formula. -- Post on relevant sites, blogs, niche communities -- Post content that adds a lot of value in the comment. -- Include your name and a direct link to your site within the comment itself - tastefully -- Post very soon after the content was published -- Be relevant and add value (worth mentioning twice!) 2. Create a Really Long List that is relevant to your niche - for example100 items. The list must have a clear benefit. This takes some time but you have to break it down into manageable chunks. Not only provide the long list but had a cheat sheet lead magnet along with it. I'm creating a tutorial on this in an upcoming issue of 3. Partnerships - cross-promotions, guest blog posts, podcast interviews. Again, this doesn't scale but is great for getting subscribers. If you want me to expand on any topic, DM me on Twitter @fixmygrowth
Olga Trykush
Reports, ebooks, workbooks - receive a free PDF after leaving your email (if the content is really valuable, people won't unsubscribe after receiving the doc). This lead magnet works the best for me (but I will highlight, we're putting a lot of effort and resources into the content of the doc).