What's the hardest part about keeping accountable to your own goals?

George Siosi Samuels
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Demi Yang
1. Not forgiving yourself when something comes up that prevents you from reaching your goals or reaching them on time. Ex. a major bug was uncovered on my platform during peak time the other day that I spent hours solving. I didn't get to some big tasks I planned on finishing. I felt like the day was unproductive. 2. Downsizing goals a lot because no one questions me if I do.
Dan Gusz
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Natalie Faustina Fan
reality hits and you suddenly find out what you thought was the initial goal become a much bigger problem with many more steps to solve in order to actually achieve it.
George Siosi Samuels
@faustina_fan I can relate to this one! There seems to be an art in creating "SMART" goals as well. I find in a lot of teams and organizations, poor goal-setting can lead to a lot of issues, but it's rarely addressed (imo). For example: a leader can set a goal that's incredibly unrealistic. The team tries to execute, fails, and then tensions arise. Leader isn't held accountable to the initial poor setting of the goal, but the team may possibly get penalized. Culture of a team or org can influence how the team handles the perceived "failure", but it's an area that still rarely gets addressed.