Have you merged your company with another one? What were the pros and cons.

Basit Amjad
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Mathilde Odel
More budget, more opportunities, more human ressources, a more powerful marketing, you can focus on your main job (producing, selling), it helps you to gain time... but you're not the only leader in projects.
Ruslan Rayanov
Interesting topic! I analyzed this topic for myself. I found a lot of advantages of working with a partner, but I came to the conclusion, if you can be alone, be alone. https://falconspace.site/blog/pa...
This is a very relevant topic. Due to low funding, this can be useful in development. My team tried to do this 2 years ago with our competitors, but unfortunately we could not reach an agreement, we did not see any interest on their part. After 2 years, we have made a better product than our competitors, and they probably regret the lost profit now. But we are still open to partnership, today even major players unite, so if you have such an option, do not miss this chance.