What is the key feature of a dev tool that would make you use it everyday?

Alexandre Savigny
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Hello PH community, I am launching a new product that generates docstring thanks to AI and of course I want this to be a go to tool for developers in their daily coding life. As an example: dogstring.ponicode.com We first made it as a Github Action generating in bulk one line docstring. Based on users feedback, we decided to add parameters to the docstring so there is more added value to our users Finally we decided to have a online testing area so people can do it on a few functions instead of on their whole repo with Github Action... But I think we didn't pinpoint what would make it a tool that people wants to use everyday. I was wondering what are according to you the key feature to the dev tool you use everyday?


Paul Rasmussen
I think you should make something THAT HELPS PEOPLE MAKE SENSE OF CORE WEB VITALS. This will be a big topic as we move into and through 2021