Should I create buzz about my product launch even if I don't have a social media following?

Saurabh Yadav
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Hey guys, I'm planning to launch a small product, a simple checklist; but I feel that there is no use to post about it on my social media as I don't have a huge following and the one's that follow me are only friends who might not be interested in the product at all. How should I approach this?


Amir Tarighat
I have a similar situation. I've recently started writing on medium about my niche hoping that could help. Look forward to seeing other answers here.
Diana Oyaga
Good luck with your launch. Do yo think if you ask your friends to repost your product post their followers might be interested in your product? If so ask for the favor openly.
Hannah S Kim
Hi Saurabh, I don't think it would hurt to share it! People may be willing to upvote it, even if they aren't familiar with the product or Product Hunt. As Diana mentioned, you can also reach out to friends who are a part of bigger communities (be it a volunteer organization, church, etc...) and ask them to share the link.
Sebastien Pastor
Sharing is always nice in my opinion. And you might be suprised that some of you followers DO care :)
Tarek Dajani
In my opinion, it would never hurt to share, you have nothing to lose! My advice is try launching via social media, PH, indie hackers and reddit. Then start blogging and answer some questions on quora. Hopefully, this would atleast give you a nice push at the beginning. Wouldn't necessary turn into a buzz unless your lucky and have a good product, but very little people have both at the beginning, so don't be hard on yourself. Good luck!
Melissa Sandoval
I would create a video that is less than 30 seconds and let your product do the talking for you. Define your target audience and go where they are. Ask yourself, "what social channels are my audience using?" then once you find that out, post about it there. Find the hashtags that work for you if you are wanting to display your product on a channel that uses them. Tik Tok is also a great way to introduce your product to the world. I made a quick video on the app, "Clip Drop" and the video reached 1.9 million views and I just wanted to show it to my audience on there. Best of luck!
Mathilde Odel
@melissa_sandoval it can work if you only want to show something but to create a buzz to sell a product... I don't think it's simple like that. What was your viewers/buyers ratio ?
Mathilde Odel
If you want a buzz you have to split people and beliefs. You have to create 2 camps. One wrong and one good (like in the politics). It will make people like fanatics. You can inspire yourself with buzz like the dating apps (sugar daddy...), the medias and the feminists on Twitter were trash talking about the company but a lot of client were searching to see the app ! BUT I think that you have to focus on your product and your after sales service not a buzz to start your business... If there is no use to post about it on my social media, you can offer for free this small product to your customers to win their loyalty or to create a relation with your prospects and to sell them something later if you take their email addresses. The long term is much more important. People pay me to have this advice but I give it to you today, so I count on you to be successful !
Hunter Owens
I would create separate social media profiles for your product and then follow people who you feel fit the target demographic for your product. If they like it, they might follow back and then you have a captive audience to share future product updates & news with. I did this with one of my side projects, and it's worked very well.
Elizabeth Alli
There is some good advice here! In my experience the pre-launch is as, if not more important than the launch itself because it allows you to do two things that are crucial to your product being well received. 1. Building awareness 2. Building authority To do that you need to focus on 2 things: 1. Know your target market. 2. Provide them value related to your offering before you actually launch it Whether that's through directly showing people how your checklist can be used / applied, teasers, or by talking about / commenting on topics that are indirectly related to your checklist. Create content that would lead your audience to trust you and become curious about your offering in order to naturally generate curiosity and 'buzz'. People buy from those they trust and respect. Create that loyalty and it won't even feel like selling when it comes time to launch. Good luck to you @saurabhyadav!