How to stop thinking/worrying about work during vacation even when you're on a beautiful beach?

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Focus on the now. If you have ideas, write them down in a notebook and go back to enjoying your vacation.
Just think about the free money you can get from your PTO! :)
Minh Dang
This's such an interesting question. My suggestion is to focus on the now and finish your work before your vacation. We are living in a very tough time so we have to find a spot where we can balance work and life. We have to keep healthy both mentally and physically.
Mir Taha Ali
you have to control your mind to focus on what is present. To be successful, one should even not think of work after coming back home and spear time with family. That how he will find importance of presence.
Pasindu Subasinghe
Finish all your work before going on vacation if you could if not just keep a list of stuff you have to do once you come back like make a time table of the work you have and when you are going to do it after you come back from vacation and also once you are on vacation just keep repeating this in your head "I deserve a vacation for the Work i have done" and just enjoy
Varun Gandhi
@andrey_mi I know I am writing almost a day later than when you asked this question. I am guessing you are not sitting on a beautiful bench but wherever you are, my response might help you in some way. A lot of people have suggested that you focus on the now. Well, it's easier said than done. I'd try 'doing that' a bit easier by explaining how it works. It doesn't require 'doing anything' though. Let's start by seeing that 'wanting to stop thinking' is also a thought. A thought can not stop a thought. In fact, it becomes a double thought. It's like a thought playing with itself. Also, trying to control your mind is also a play of the mind. A mind can not control itself. Like, can a fire control itself? It only adds to the fire, doesn't it? So, what can you do? How can just be in the moment? Sitting on a beautiful bench watching the lake or the wonder of nature all around you, how do you just enjoy the moment? Well, by understanding that you don't need to react to your thoughts. You don't need to react to ANY of your thoughts. What I mean is that this question 'how to stop thinking' is a reaction to the series of thoughts you are thinking about work - which is giving you some sort of anxiety/stress - and making you feel a little bad about the vacation. Our reactions (especially when we do not find a way) only adds to our anxiety. Like giving more fuel to the fire. But a thing about thought is that it arises and it falls. And if you don't interfere with it, it doesn't harm or hurt or anything like that. Meaning, when thought about work or anything else arises, you see it arising, you see the anxiety that comes with it, you see the need to react to the thought, you see the fear it brings, and then it falls and you see the quiet, the calm, the peace, the beauty that comes with it. Not easy, yes. But thinking about easy or difficult is also a thought. Even when this thought arises, you see and you let it be. The best part is that you'd realize that NONE of your thoughts is important to you. Like ZERO. That you've been un-necessarily troubling yourself. And when you do realize this, that's the beginning of a new you, a free you, a real you. Who when sits on a beautiful bench, he just sits on a beautiful bench at that moment. Sorry for a longer message, though. So much love for you. Just be :)
George Lorans
Think about the fact that you are on a beautiful beach)))
Nate Shastry
Hi there! This was an article that helped me reframe the way I took vacations. Hope you enjoy!
Well, I really was at a beautiful beach in a quite good hotel when I posted this discussion topic. And yes, sometimes it annoys me that my head is always full of thoughts about work. I feel like I keep working all the time and never actually rest in full. But, you know, guys. I've actually made it. I've disconnected from the Internet, didn't reply to emails, and, sorry, didn't follow this thread for several days. Was it good and enjoyable? It was. Is it bad to think about work during vacations? I'm not sure. If you do your work well and prefer the 9to5 way, you can train to avoid work thoughts when you want to rest. You have to plan, and a vacation should be a part of that plan. If your projects are going well according to the plan, you can temporarily leave them alone and stay calm and happy, enjoying the vacation. If you live by work, which is quite common, for example, for startup founders, it's harder not to worry all the time but doable. On the other hand, I bet many actually enjoy their projects. So, why not think about something you enjoy during a vacation? If you do, focus on good things, plans, new features, and leave aside problems. If you picture how your startup reaches one billion capitalizations, you'll definitely get an enjoyable moment :)
Norm McLaughlin
Haha that is always the challenge when you have your own business. My head never stops spinning with ideas and strategies. The trouble is that when this is your passion it's only natural. Being on a beautiful beach means you're alone with your thoughts. Maybe try doing something more active?