Has Product Hunt diverged by having too many big company launches?

Daniel Kyne
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As part of our PH launch last week we opened a discovery survey where we asked people what their favourite thing was about PH and what they would change about it. Some really interesting responses. The top rated opinion is that "PH has diverged from it's core by having too many product launches from big companies". Do you agree?


Mohammed Imthathullah
Yes. Even though Product Hunt's aim is to help users find the best new product, big companies which could potentially make the best product, already have their marketing team to reach millions of users. And surely the tech savy users, who are on this platform. So it will be great if Product Hunt provides more importance to indies and small startups. Well, this is just my opinion and it could be biased, because I am an indie.
Andrew Kirima
Yes. When I first joined PH, which was no longer than 4 months ago, I was looking for a platform to find the latest and upcoming tech from companies not so heard of. It seemed really cool at first but then I started getting a lot of updates in the newsletter about big name brands like Google and Apple. AngelList has been doing this too. Which I think is unfortunate because I previously believed these spaces to be for smaller startups. By smaller, I don't mean the early stage startups purely but just not big tech.
Katya Veremeichik
As for me, I think that it's completely understandable that big companies make PH part of their strategy, since it is such a great self-promotion opportunity. PH does not really prioritize big companies over small teams, but it would be great to have something like "top indie product of the month" with teams under +-5 people, for example. That way we'd see more interesting projects, since, how you've fairly noticed, we would have found out about big products anyway. They have huge marketing budgets and are not that limited in channels for promotion as small projects. So IMHO giving a little head start for small companies would be a benefit for PH community