What Product Hunt charts and metrics would you like to know?

Nihey Takizawa
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I'm scraping some Product Hunt data to launch a product here in the future, and I would like to hear some feedback from you regarding what would you like to know about Product Hunt that you currently don't. I have some questions of my own that I would like to have an continuously updated answer for: - Do products with GIF thumbnails have more upvotes on average? - Do products with videos have more upvotes on average? - Which topics and words appear on the most trendy products lately? - Which day of the week there is the least amount of products being launched?


Tatyana Gazizullina
Hi, Nihey! I'm interesting in conversion rate by email of Product Hunt in different niсhes (marketing saas, apps, sport and life-balance products)
Nihey Takizawa
@zizzzu Hi Tatyana! I'm not sure I'll be able to extract the email conversion rate for all products in the initial version, but I'll make sure keep this in mind. Maybe I could share some of my own products conversion rates if this could help. The idea of splitting the data by niche is a great one, thanks for this feedback!
Reema Maarouf
Here I am, looking forward to some answers.