Hi Hunters, do you have trouble managing your children's screen time?

Ann Elnekave
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I'm building https://1question.app to make screen time more productive for children and wondering if any of you have used other products or strategies to solve this challenge?


Tarek Dajani
Ofcourse, I do. I have trouble managing my own screening time to be honest. I was not able to open your website for some reason. I'll definitely check it out. Overall, I think you have to be creative with the child, maybe doing it in a game mode system to not spend time on screen.
Ann Elnekave
@tdajani haha ... I think we all have difficulties managing our own screen time :) .. I hope you managed to get into the website - if not, please do let me know. But, in summary here is how 1Question works: 1) Install 1Q on your child's device. 2) Tell 1Q what year in school your child is in 3)Nominate 'Target apps' (think Tik Tok, You Tube, Instagram etc). That's it. Give the device back to your child and next time they want to fire up a 'Target app' - 1Q delivers a curriculum correct question they must correctly answer before they can access their desired app.
Tarek Dajani
@tdajani @ann_elnekave Hi Ann, yes I was able to access the website this time. Nice idea,I added my email given that I am IOS. I think my daughter would force me in the end into helping here answer the question. I think you can add in the website that parents should stay strong and not help! :)
Bill Flitter
Yes! Love this concept. Added my email to get an alert for iOS. Can we do 10 very hard questions before using an app so they give up wanting to use the app/phone/computer? :-) -Bill FixMyGrowth.com
Ann Elnekave
@billflitter Thanks for your comment! iOS is in the works, hopefully ready end 2020. haha can look at that as an added feature for dad-mad mode ;)
freela ncing
We accept there are even more we can do is X8T3P Screens-People.com will continue to continue on along with you.