Workflow optimization

Bohdan Romaniuk
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At the current pace of work, it is very difficult to keep abreast of events, especially when you are part of a large energetic team. But such awareness is the key to successful management decisions. An important criterion for the productivity of people running a company is the ability to quickly understand the essence of an urgent problem. But for this you need to process large streams of information, notice and remember what is really important. Is the optimization of such a process interesting?


Alex Ciorapciu
The narrower you can formulate a problem, the easier it is to solve it. Optimising the process of finding the essence to urgency is one of the most general thoughts conceivable. Results are highly debatable. How would you approach the topic?
Rowe Morehouse
Quickly capture everything in raw text, then move it to a kanban to prioritize everything visually.
Ruslan Rayanov
Of course! Optimization is the engine of business development!