Tools and techniques for making remote teams work

Anca Sandu
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I've been working in remote teams long before the pandemic hit. I've always been fascinated by how you build remote teams (both from the tools side and the human side of things). Curious what you do to keep your team engaged and productive in the pandemic period where remote became the norm


Meg Humphries
Keep in contact but don't be overbearing! Trust your team to do what they were hired to do. Chances are, most of your employees will be more productive at home than they were in-office. Build consistent goals together, and check in to see how you can help your team reach those goals.
Anca Sandu
@blerpmeg true that, thanks for sharing. Most of the employees are more productive at home rather than in an open space at work. Less constant distractions more time to work in blocks. As tools, I found that Zoom, Slack and Miro are helping us collaborate better
Jared Cornell
Remote working can be seamless if you want it to be. Firstly, you need to trust your team members and not micromanage them. Do not assume that your team members can work give their entire days and nights to work. Allocate them tasks according to their time and be realistic with your expectations. You can also use a tool like ProProfs Help Desk ( I started using it since the time pandemic forced businesses to go remote. And thankfully, it has been of great help. My customer support team has been managing the entire support process, solving customer questions regularly, and providing exceptional services with the help of this wonderful tool. This tool empowered my team to track, manage, and resolve tickets and provide customers a delightful experience, despite the shift to remote working.
Jonathan Yan
Hey @anca_sandu1 ! Check oVice out at We design and provide access to virtual spaces within the metaverse for our users to customize and make their own. Our goal is to help remote workers optimize their experience by giving them the tools and means to interact with their peers in real time to really promote connectedness and collaboration!